Stripe Pants

Stripe Pants


Stripe Pants
Both side deep pocket n superb stechable hi quality imported fabric
Waist Size 3xL n 4xl
3xl size➖waist 36 38 40
Hips normal 36”
After strech 52”
Thighs normal 18”
After strech 32”
4xl size➖waist 42 44
Hips normal 38” after strech 60”
Thighs normal 20” after strech 40”
Length 36-37
High waist
Quality promise from wow

Price :: 499+$
(Inclusive of gst)

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1661-3xl, 1661-4xl, 1662-3xl, 1662-4xl, 1663-3xl, 1663-4xl, 1664-3xl, 1664-4xl, 1665-3xl, 1665-4xl, 1666-3xl, 1666-4xl, 1667-3xl, 1667-4xl


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