Pocket long Tees

Pocket long Tees


❣️Pocket long Tees❣️
Casual wear
With side slit
Casual tees
Three different sizes
3xl -46
4xl -48
5xl -50
Ready sizes
Want looser buy one size bigger
Stretchable hosiery fabric
12 inches slit
Approx length 35(3xl)37(4xl)38(5xl)
Looks smart with jeans/bellbottom/salwar/lower
Outing/Regular wear
One side pocket
Superb quality

Price :: 399+$
(Inclusive of gst)

Superb quality promise?
5 stars ⭐️ to the quality

Additional information

Weight N/A

1653-3XL, 1653-4XL, 1653-5XL, 1654-3XL, 1654-4XL, 1654-5XL, 1655-3XL, 1655-4XL, 1655-5XL, 1656-3XL, 1656-4XL, 1656-5XL, 1657-3XL, 1657-4XL, 1657-5XL, 1658-3XL, 1658-4XL, 1658-5XL, 1659-3XL, 1659-4XL, 1659-5XL, 1660-3XL, 1660-4XL, 1660-5XL, 1661-3XL, 1661-4XL, 1661-5XL, 1662-3XL, 1662-4XL, 1662-5XL, 1663-3XL, 1663-4XL, 1663-5XL, 1664-3XL, 1664-4XL, 1664-5XL, 1665-3XL, 1665-4XL, 1665-5XL, 1666-3XL, 1666-4XL, 1666-5XL


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