Nite wear + Day wear


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?‍♂️?cute Night wear + Day wear?‍♂️?
Bful prints on relaxing smooth rayon fabric
Xl 30 32 34 36 (free size)
XXL 38 40
With back string to adjust size
Top len 32(xl)
Comfortable sizes
? Bottom with both side pockets
to keep mobile???
Pajama size
Both free size upto 40 waist
Hips upto 40”
Thighs 22”

Price just 485+$
Yes grab ur favourite prints fast??

a cute night wear which will look nice in day wear as well
Quality wow

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W-230 XL, W-230 XXL, W-231 XL, W-231 XXL, W-232 XL, W-232 XXL, W-233 XL, W-233 XXL, W-234 XL, W-234 XXL, W-1375 XL, W-1375 XXL, W-1376 XL, W-1376 XXL, W-1377 XL, W-1377 XXL, W-1378 XL, W-1378 XXL, W-1379 XL, W-1379 XXL, W-1380 XL, W-1380 XXL, W-1381 XL


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