Luxury kaftan suit


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?‍♂️Luxury Kaftan suit?‍♂️
Fabric on pic
Size 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
40 to 52comfortable?
Lower comfortable size 48
Ready waist 52
Thighs 26 ready
Both side pocket?‍♂️
Day wear
Nite wear
Outing wear

Price :399+$
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W-807, W-808, W-809, W-810, W-811, W-812, W-813, W-814, W-815, W-816, W-1642, W-1643, W-1644, W-1645, W-1646, W-1647, W-1648, W-1649, W-1650, W-1651, W-1652


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