Cawl puffed sleeves dress


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Cawl Puffed sleeves Dress
Designer dress
Superior Georgette fabric
Lining attached
Two different size L and xl
L 38 40 42 44 45 free
Xl 46 48 50 51 free
Waist Lwaist-44, xl waist48
With back belt
Length 50-52
Lining attached
Bful designer dress

Price :: 585+$
Designer dress with lining attached

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Cawl Peach floral L 38-45, Cawl Peach floral Xl 46-51, Cawl Bhandhni print Xl 46-51, Cawl soft floral L 38-45, Cawl soft floral Xl 46-51, Cawl soothing tortoise L 38-45, Cawl soothing tortoise XL 46-51, Cawl sparkling pink L 38-45, Cawl sparkling pink Xl 46-51, Cawl black floral L 38-45, Cawl black floral XL 46-51, Cawl bhandhni floral L 38-45, Cawl bhandhni floral Xl 46-51


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