Body Warmer

Body Warmer


Wow®️ Body Warmer
☃️Wow Fur Cozy Body warmer☃️
Complete set (warm top+warm legging)
Size different
Xl xxl xxxl
Xl 36 38 navy
Xxl 40 42 navy
Heavy fur inside
Comes in proper fit
3/4th sleeves ☃️Deep neck
Legging with side cut☃️
Qualify :: after receiving I want to hear from u? it’s wow

It comes in proper standard fit size wise…. No need to worry proper size n proper fit of top n bottom u won’t find any size issue?

Price :: 799+$ xxl and xxxl

Complete set
Superb qualityquality
Best for daily routine
Will serve for many years?☃️
Wear this warmer inside ur top or dress n be stylish in winter as well?

⚜️Body Warmer⚜️

Additional information


Navy, grey


xl 36,38, xxl 40,41, xxxl 42,43


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